The romance of Christmas at Schönbrunn Palace

A nostalgic Christmas aura will hang over the courtyard of Schönbrunn Palace when the Christmas market opens this year for the 14th time. From 24 November to 26 December the Baroque palace will be under the spell of Christmas, the glittering lights creating an incomparable atmosphere and providing a magnificent setting for this romantic Advent village. The decorations on the Christmas tree provided by the Austrian Federal Forests will sparkle against the background of the palace itself, illuminated by spots.

The 60 or so exhibitors at this traditional and internationally renowned Christmas market offer visitors the opportunity to purchase crafted Austrian artefacts in a seasonal atmosphere redolent of gingerbread and Christmas confectioneries. Products range from Christmas tree decorations made of wood, felt, glass and stone, to handmade pottery, tin toys, clay products and hand-carved mangers. Visitors can also enjoy specialities and wines from all over Austria as well as various interesting punches and tea specialities, including non-alcoholic and sugar-free varieties.

Cultural programme

The Christmas in Schönbrunn guided tour offers an informative stroll through the Christmas market with enchanting Christmas stories from the Habsburg era until today. The origin of the Christmas tree and the Christ child will be explained alongside the custom of exchanging gifts, as well as toys through the ages and the tradition of gingerbread.

Christmas music will be provided by choirs, brass bands and groups from all over the world on the stage in front of the Christmas tree, with Austrian and international Christmas carols, gospels and spirituals.

Activities for young visitors

Gold, frankincense and myrrh
is a winter Christmas rally in the company of an angel involving adventures and tricky puzzles to find the Christmas star.

The confectioners at the Schönbrunn Imperial Bakery in Café Restaurant Residenz will help young visitors to make and decorate Christmas cookies, confectioneries and shaped pastries, which they can then pack in Christmas wrapping to take home.

Stardust and snow flurries – Christmas stories
The pre-Christmas seasons offers an ideal opportunity for literary encounters. Humorous, droll and bizarre stories about the Christ child, Santa Claus, etc., are gripping, absorbing and over all too soon. Every Wednesday, visitors can enjoy Christmas literature and stories for young and old alike.

In the Schönbrunn Children’s Museum a guided tour “Religious life in the imperial court” will be offered during the Christmas season. While visiting the museum, children can also play Hunt the Christmas Parcel. Even without visiting the museum, young visitors can make Christmas presents in Poldi’s workshop. Quadrille dancing will be on the programme in the Children’s Museum.

Thanks to its extensive programme, the Schönbrunn Christmas Market is probably one of the most popular markets in Vienna , offering a great opportunity for a family excursion to Schönbrunn. For those who are impatient for the Advent season to arrive, a foretaste is available at