Church of St. Augustine


The Church of St. Augustine ( Augustinerkirche) is located on Josefsplatz and is beside the Hofburg Palace. Duke Frederick the Handsome was the founder of the church in 1327, and a cloister was built for the Augustinian friars. The architect of the church was Dietrich Landtner and the church was consecrated in 1349. The church was declared as the parish church of the imperial church in 1634. Many Habsburg weddings took place there, including the wedding of Archduchess (and future Empress) Maria Theresa in 1736 to Duke Francis of Lorraine, the wedding of Archduchess Marie Louise in 1810 to Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France, and the wedding of Emperor Franz Joseph in 1854 to Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria. In the Church of St. Augustine there is this marble tomb of the Archduchess Marie Christine (1742-1798), the daughter of Maria Theresa. Antonio Canova created the sculpture in 1805. The church has many crystal chandeliers. In 2004 a new side altar was added that remembers Emperor Karl I of Austria (1887-1922), who may become a saint in the Catholic Church.