Spring and fall are the most ideal times for travelers to visit Vienna.  These are the months which are in between the major tourist seasons so rates are lower and crowds are thinner.  However, there remains a lot to do in Vienna during these times of year and the weather is perfect so travelers enjoy their stays.

Fall is more romantic, the leaves are down, the sky is sometimes blue sometimes grey and the city show all its romanticism. 

The main tourist season in Vienna is during the summer, although there is also a peak in tourism in the winter, with the busiest time of year actually being the weeks before Christmas and the period around New Years Day at the end of each year.  The reason for this winter holiday peak is that Vienna has excellent Christmas Markets and renowned New Year Celebrations.  Summer stays busy throughout the months, with the majority of people congregating in the area in July and August to enjoy the main festivals happening in Vienna at this time.

Visitors seeking more information about the general weather in Vienna throughout the year should visit http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel... .  Visitors wishing to check updated weather for Vienna before their travels can visit several websites to get the most accurate information.  Favored websites for Vienna weather include: