Visitors who don’t wear themselves out during all of the daytime activities available to tourists in Vienna will be happy to know that the fun continues on in to the night.  There are bars and dance clubs with various types of live music to keep all patrons entertained and energized throughout the evening.

  • Aux Gazelles is a dance club with Arabic music and belly dancers galore.  This place is upbeat and energetic and enjoyed by a diverse crowd of both locals and tourists. 
  • Flanigan’s is the Irish bar to be visited while in Vienna.  Like all good Irish bars, it’s a place to grab a beer and meet some locals.
  • Flex is the nightclub favored by the younger adult crowd, with special events like MTV-hosted parties dotting the calendars and music playing long in to the night.
  • Porgy and Bess Jazz and Music Club is a multi-story jazz venue which draws in a laidback crowd of all ages.
  • The American Bar was built at the turn of the twentieth century and then restored in to a modern club in the early 1980’s.  The nightlife here begins at noon and continues until four in the morning on weekdays and five in the morning on weekends, making it a place to be visited at all hours.