Many people opt to commemorate their trips to new and favorite travel destinations with local items picked up during their travels.  Visitors interested in the shopping experience in different parts of the world will be happy to know that there is much shopping to be done on a trip to Vienna.  Vienna is known for its local handicrafts, which are available in specialty stores all around the area.  However, Vienna also offers brand name shopping for those people who are just looking to pick up some needed items during their stay.

What to buy in Vienna:   Visitors who are interested in picking up local items while in Vienna should have their eyes out for a few of things which Vienna is widely known for.   The most popular item to buy in Vienna is hand-painted porcelain.   Other popular local handicrafts include jewelry, leather goods, and petit-point pieces.

Where to go:  The City Center is the place where most visitors go to do a bulk of their shopping in Vienna.  There are a number of stores in this area and visitors are able to choose from both local shops and bigger name stores here.  Another popular choice is the Naschmarkt, an open-air flea-market style shopping center where visitors often go to buy food.  This shopping area has a life and culture all its own and is an excellent place for visitors to go to mingle with locals.

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