Oslo is a green city. One is never far from a pleasent park, the inviting fjord or the vast forrests surrounding the city.

Major parks:

Hills and forrests surrounding the city are also part of Oslo's parks, but are managed as wilderness with a large number of hiking/cycling paths. This vast wilderness (Oslomarka) is a unique feature for Oslo, in total it covers about 2,000 square kilometers (an area almost the size of Luxembourg). Access points by public transport:

  • Metro 3 to Sognsvann - a nice lake and one of the most popular starting points
  • Metro 1 to Frognerseteren - the best panorama

Islands in the fjord are open to the public. Ferries to the following islands:

Hovedøya, Bleikøya, Gressholmen, Lindøya, Langøyene og Nakholmen.