Tourists who like to supplement their travel experiences with some local shopping have a number of options during their stay in Oslo.  Oslo offers everything from local specialty shops hidden in forgotten alleyways to large modern shopping malls where all of the up-to-date needed items can be obtained.

One of the favorite shopping areas of travelers in Oslo is the City Center.  This is the place where tourists come to do department store shopping.  In addition to well-known department stores, there are local and regional department stores which many visitors find interesting. Upscale fashion shopping is often done on two main streets in Oslo: Bogstadveien and Hegdehaugsveien.  Furniture shopping is usually done on one main street: Mollergata.

For those visitors seeking a bit more of the local flavor during their shopping experience in Oslo, Gronland is the place to go and the main streets to browse are Smalgangen and Gronlandsleiret.  The shops in this area are run by immigrants who offer exotic local goods at discounted prices.  Grunerlokka is the best place for local second hand stores as well as independent pottery shops. 

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