A number of the tallest waterfalls in the world can be found in Western Norways, drops of several hundred meters (1000-2000 feet) are common. Some of these plunge directly into the fjord below, others fall down steep mountain walls along the deep valleys. Although these don't have the enormous volume of more famous waterfalls like Niagara or Victoria, they are delightful experiences. The world waterfall database included three waterfalls in western Norway among the world's top ten.

 Some of the famous and more accessible waterfalls (foss/fossen = waterfall):

  • Langfoss in Åkrafjorden, impressive 600 meter cascades, named the most scenic in the world by world waterfall database, road E134 by bridge across, protected by law. 
  • Tvindefossen at Voss, impressive during flood, close to road E16
  • Kjelfossen at Gudvangen, (near road E16), 840 meters, officially highest in Norway
  • Vøringsfossen at Eidfjord, close to road 7
  • Søtefossen at Kinsarvik in Hardanger.
  • Myrdalsfossen, close to Flåmsbana (Flåm railway)
  • Stalheimfossen, between Voss and Gudvangen, very impressive during flood, close to road E16, best viewed from old road (Stalheimskleivane)
  • Vettisfossen (273 meters) in Årdal, about 1 hour walk to access, protected by law for its beauty
  • Krunefossen in Stryn
  • Mardalsfossen in Eikesdal (Møre og Romsdal county), one of the most well-known in Norway, access by car + 1/2 hour walk
  • Rjoandefossen (300 meters), "smoking waterfall", visible from Flåm railway
  • Seven sisters, Geirangerfjord
  • Bridal veil, Geirangerfjord
  • Stigfossen, Trollstigen (road 63) passes through its mist
  • Vermefossen, in Romsdal valley, good view from road E136
  • Mongefossen (773 meters), in Romsdal valley close to road E136, visible from Raumabanen railway
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