Fish market is worth a lunch on site....cold bottle of beer in the shop...find a sunny spot and enjoy a little al fresco dining!  Hand pick your salmon, have it vacuum packed on site and take it home with you.  But make sure bring plenty of cash or credit cards, as items at the Bergen Fish Market are considerably more expensive than common Norwegian stores (which themselves are known to be some of the most expensive in the world).  The Fish Market is often labeled as a major tourist attraction in Bergen, mainly because of it's long tradition in Norway's fish trade center, but the fish market today is not what it once was. Depending upon your personal tastes and interests, the Fish Market may seem overrated and oversold by guides and tourist information. Many products are sold outdoor and visitors may doubt the hygiene. In the tourist season it is crowded by makeshift souvenir shops, some of which sell high quality (and high priced) items, others sell junk. Beware of pickpockets as it tends to be crowded. Many tourists leave the market dissatisfied and disappointed.