Norway has a very low crime rate and visitors should not be concerned about being a victim of violence. Theft does happen, though, and tourists still need to be careful, as they are often targeted by pickpockets. Be especially cautious around touristy areas like historic sites, museums and on buses or trains. If you are driving in Norway, don't leave valuables in the car, especially electronics like computers, music players and cameras. To avoid muggings, don't walk by yourself, especially in isolated areas or after dark. If you are using an ATM make sure that nobody watches as you enter your PIN. If you are a victim of a crime, report it to the police as well as to the nearest embassy or consulate.

    The only other safety concern is to express caution when exploring Norways beautiful scenic mountains and isolated areas. Seemingly-benign conditions can become dangerous quickly, so don't do any back-country trekking or skiing in unfamiliar territory without a guide. Don't stray too far from established trails, and try to let someone know where you are going so they can alert the proper authorities if you don't come back.