Climbing Snowdonia & The Great Orme

Come to Llandudno with the expectation that you can climb the Great Orme and Snowdonia mountain without having to queue for the tramcars. We stayed in Llandudno and a family of four with two children under 12 years climbed the mountain and back in a day. The weather was warm that Easter weekend and the skies were clear so it was perfect climbing weather. We took the tramcar up the Great Orme but really you could have climbed it and saved yourself the money and time waiting for the tramcar. Also at the base of Snowdonia are some lovely villages - this is where you see the cyclists and the hikers with their hiking boots and walking sticks hanging out at cafes. The scenery around Snowdonia is spectacular - so if the weather is good - find out about walking trails etc and head there for the day or two. For those who would rather just do a bus tour of Snowdonia we can recommend the half day Alpine tour of Snowdonia as the commentary on the area, its beginnings, the landowner families etc is really interesting. Plus they talk about how the area has been used for films such as 'Willow'.