1. Boat Trips - the owners of the larger boats may not reply to your emails or your phone calls (to their mobile), when you visit them on the harbour side they seem reluctant to tell you when they are sailing OR if they would be willing to take 20 out at your request ...they will tell you: "You do want a trip" and "You want it now, as sailing now"....

2. Hotel - think about what you want from your hotel. If there is a bar across the road Fri/Sat evenings up to midnight could be quite loud.

3. Restaurants - Pick wisely. Jolly sailors - very good value for money. unflower Cafe on Blands Cliff - also very good value for money. Old Scalby Mills - equally good value for money. Fish and Chips at "The Chip Pan" are open until very late so at 8.30pm you would still be welcome in the summer... amazing how many "chippies" are closed before 7pm...this one wasn't..bravo and good food too.

4. Ice Cream Parlour - bear in mind the timing, 3rd week in July.  Ice cream parlours close their restaurant areas before 7pm so you can't have a "knickerbocker" or a "sundae" indoors after 7pm.