It is well kept and looked after, has lovely variety of trees, flowers lawn and places to sit walk. There is a lovely boating lake and bridge and is somewhere where many holiday visitors like to feed the ducks, pigeons, swans and geese. It is in the lovely quiet peaceful side of North Bay in Scarborough.

Peasholm Park in North Bay Scarborough is well worth a visit and is in a quite secluded scenic area of Scarborough very close to the miniature train opposite another little parkland which takes you to the impressive Sea Life Centre. The Sea Life Centre has a variety of fish penguins and otters and miniature sharks, rays and other aquatic marine life and two large cafeterias.

Peasholm Park not only has is in a lovely setting surrounded by trees etc, but has a lovely large cafeteria too. The cafe sells various beverages, snacks, ice creams, lolly ices, and sandwiches. There is a large seating area around part of the lake where various birds feed on bread that is given to them by children and adults alike. This lovely park is a rather magical, peaceful place to visit which is illuminated by lovely coloured lights at night which makes it even nicer.