Huddersfield is a delightful blend of the rugged, wild side of Yorkshire and the industrial. Sitting in a basin of hills, the very best view of the town is from Castle Hill. You can take a very pleasant walk from the centre of town, through the area of Newsome to this windy vantage and enjoy some of the most spectacular views the area has to offer.

Another enjoyable stroll can be had between the neighbouring villages of Slaitwaite and Marsden. If you take the train from Huddersfield, which costs around £1, you can embark from Slaitwaite, a proper old mill village, along the canal to Marsden. This glorious little walk through the area where the popular ITV drama Where the Heart Is is filmed ends up at the Riverhead Brewery Tap pub in the centre of Marsden. This charming establishment brews its own beers and you can sit outside and watch the world go by for a happy few hours before catching your train back to Huddersfield.