There are many reasons to visit Hay - the surrounding countryside, the wonderful ambience of the town, the many great places to eat and so on - but you may not have realised that Hay is a great place to shop, too. It's not just the second-hand bookshops, for which it is rightly famous, but great clothes shops, antique shops, weird-stuff shops, cake shops, galleries, homeware shops and many others. All cheek by jowl with each other and running round three sides of the magnificent castle which stands on a hill in the middle of the town. The Collie family always come to Hay to do their Christmas shopping - all the shops are unique: no chains; not even a Boots! And even when there were Woolworths there wasn't one in Hay. Try it - you'll come home with a car full of lovely stuff your friends and relatives won;t have seen elsewhere.