The warren is a pebble beach in wide curve on the River Wye very close to Hay on Wye, Powys. it can be reached via public footpaths from local roads behind the Swan Hotel and next to St Marys church or via the Bailey Walk (and/or cycle path) along the River Wye accessed at the the end of Wyeford Road. Its not immediately obvious when you reach the common land pasture at the end of the paths but walking over the pasture towards the river is rewarded by a stunning vista across a wide sweep of shallow river meandering over rocks. very pretty and great place to picnic. be warned though the pasture has sheep grazing so that limits picnicing on the grass area. no picnic benches but some benches around the edges of the pasture so come prepared. paths before the pasture are accessible. the middle path across the pasture is flat green grass so if dry will also be accessible at a push.