Officially a Town since 1803, and a Borough since 1890, Worthing is located in Sussex on thessouth coast approximately ten miles west of Brighton and eighteen miles east of Chichester.

Worthing's origins can be traced back to the Saxon Age and several roads date back to Roman times.  It existed as an agricultural hamlet until the eighteenth century when the trend for bathing in seawater to cure ailments helped to promote it's development as a fashionable Edwardian beach resort.   Subsequent visits by members of Royalty and the arrival of the Railway in 1845 helped to further establish Worthing as a prominent resort.

Other notable visitors include Jane Austen in 1805, Lord Byron in 1806 and, in 1894, Oscar Wilde, who wrote "The Importance Of Being Earnest" while holidaying here.

In the 1960's Worthing was a prime venue for live bands including the Who and Eric Clapton. 'Star Search' was a talent show hosted by the Pavilion Theatre and was penned as being 'the most outrageous talent show in Britain' and had world wide press coverage. Worthing also hosted one of the first few live National Lottery shows in 1995. 'Wish You Were Here' and 'Dance with a Stranger' were filmed here. More recently 'Men behaving Badly' filmed an episode in one of Worthing's hotels as well as building a golf course on the beach for the filming.

Throughout the 1970's to the 1980's Worthing became the place to retire to. It offers the best of coast and countryside, easy shopping and facilities and is geographically flat making it very accessible. When seaside resorts became less popular, with the massive competition of cheap holidays abroad and full package holidays becoming more and more affordable, Worthing became 'typecast' as a destination for the elderly.

However, this certainly wasn't true of the 1990's and the 2000's. For three years in a row in 1998, 1999 and 2000 Worthing was voted the most profitable town in Britain, by Experian, a global information solutions company. This shows how far the town has developed over the years. Major companies have now founded their headquarters in the town. Schools thrived and turned out high achievers giving Worthing an intelligent labour force, which appealed to major employers. Young families have now moved in and the shops reflect this, along with the bars and café society.

Worthing is forever changing, but it has two consistent factors that will never change. These are the sea to the south (arguably the best location in UK for kitesurfing) and the countryside to the north (the South Downs National Park), and it is these two factors that keep the appeal of Worthing alive for residents, visitors and businesses.

Worthing is a fantastic location for a great day out or a short break and with excellent transport links, Worthing is an ideal base for exploring the county of Sussex including nearby Arundel, Chichester, Brighton and the picturesque South Downs Chalk Hills. 

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