The majority of Harlow in Council owned, you do get the odd locations where there are privatly owned houese, these areas are alot quieter and cleaner!

The best place to stay would be the Park Inn just off of the A414. That side of Harlow isn't as rough as the other side. It is currently opposite Brays Grove Secondary school, which they are now going to close down.

The Town center is about 3/4 miles from there, which has now beed re-furbished and has loads of shops. If you want to see the other side of Harlow, steer clear of Southern Way, not only are there speed cameras, but it is always bumper to bumper, it would take you longer to go there if you go Via Southern way!

Parking in the town centre is quite bad, but if you park by the post office, there are always spaces.

There are quite a few shopping places, the nearest to you for a packet of  fags (cigarettes) or something is just outside of the hotel - turn right, then straight over the roundabout, and it's just over a little hill. There are loads of speed bumps!!!

Bush Fair is along Southern Way and there is a place called Staple Tye, where there is McDonalds, KFC and Dominoes Pizza.

The night life is in the Town Centre, Jumping Jacks and a bowling alley.

If you don't want to go shopping, there is a huge river and some lovely walks or for you fishers! You can also take walks along the river for days on end! The river is on "River Way"Road, if you turn left at the roundabout where the gas cylinders are (Tesco's will be on your right) and drive for about 1/2 a mile there is a little place to park on the left. It is actually near an industrial estate, if you see 3663, you have gone way too far!

If you walk to the right, the river will take you to Bishops Stortford, and if you walk left, the river will take you to Harlow Train Station.

There is alot of culture in Harlow - Indians and Polish are the biggest newcomers.

Please remember to take a phone with you, as you never know who are hiding in bushes and try to have fun!