Stirling Old Town Cemetery Upper Castle Hill

This large and beautiful graveyard lies just below Stirling casle and opposite Argyll Lodgings on the Upper castle Hill.

Well worth a visit it is architecturally splendid full of ancient and interesting headstones, monuments and very lifelike lifesize statues.

On a dark, eerie and dismal day, and the snow was lightly falling. The lifesize statues are very eerie and surprising in the half light and will give you quite a frigh

Situated between the castle and Argyll lodgings and next to the Portcullis where lunch is available.

Do put this on your itinery as on a warm and sunny day it must be very enjoyable, it was thoroughly enjoyable even   on a freezing february day ! 

Entrance from Castle Hill 

One of many  monuments 

Monument to a young girl 

Life size statues in the distance