Palm House 

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Where to start. Lets try opening times.

How long do you need at Kew Gardens

You can spend lunchtime there which would take up about 2/3 hours which includes arriving Kew Station to getting back to Kew Station.

Or as preferred by most a whole day and incorporate Richmond , Surrey which is only 1 stop after Kew Station.

What to bring

  • Suncream
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Wallet / Money (obviously)
  • Camera(s)
  • Comfortable walking shoe (hiking boots not necessary)
  • Light rain jacket (if the weather forecast is overcast for the afternoon)
  • Sunglasses and Hat (when sunny)
  • If picnicking then a rug and food. 

There are tables scattered around the Gardens which could be available.


Now from Kew Gardens Station to Main Entrance - see video

There are 3 entrance sites to Kew Gardens . The most popular being Victoria Gate (Main Entrance)

Come out of the station and you will see a small line of quaint shops.

If you haven’t already purchased drinks or snacks do so at Tesco Express, which is located next to the bus stop about 50 yards on your left from Kew Station, otherwise Kew has some brilliant places inside to eat and drink.

So head out of the station make your way down the street and you will hit Station Parade veer off slightly to the left. At the end of this street you will see the Kew Greenhouse Café where you make a small right then left in to Lichfield Road . Walk to the end and you will see the traffic lights to cross to the Main Entrance (Victoria Gate) to Kew Gardens - Prices

Walk through the gate and you'll see the entry booths where you pay and you will receive a garden map.

Entrance Booths 

Now the decision…

  • Do you turn left?
  • Do you go straight?
  • Do you turn right? 

Well in the morning when the sun is still low or to the East I would suggest to turn right. This way you will have a fantastic photo opportunity of the Palm House. In the afternoon the sun will be behind it therefore giving you a flushed out sky. In the morning will (on a clear day) give you a nice blue sky. 

If the sun is high or it is in the afternoon go:

  1. straight ahead to the lake, Azalea Gardens or Bamboo Garden 
  2. left towards Temperate House, Evolution House, Chinese Pagoda, Queen Charlotte's Cottage and the Japanese Gateway. 

Turn Right 

  • The Pond
  • Palm House
  • Rose Garden
  • Waterlily House
  • Woodland Garden
  • Rock Garden
  • Rose Pergola
  • Princess of Wales Conservatory
  • Aquatic Garden
  • Alpine House
  • Kew Gardens Gallery
  • Herbarium
  • Orangery
  • Nash Conservatory
  • Sir Joseph Banks Building
  • Kew Palace
  • Queens Garden
  • Bakery
  • Cycad House
  • Brentford Gate

 Go Straight

  • King Williams Temple
  • Azalea Garden
  • Bamboo Garden
  • Rhododendron Dell
  • Lake
  • Syon House View
  • Conservation Area
  • Bird Feeder

 Turn Left

  • Temple of Bellona
  • Flag Pole
  • Marianne North Gallery
  • Ruined Arch
  • Restaurant
  • Japanese Gateway
  • Chinese Pagoda
  • Japanese Garden
  • Temperate House
  • Evolution House
  • Xstrata Treetops Walkway
  • Queen Charlotte's Cottage 


as you finish the day stop by the shop at the exit. Here you can have a bite to eat or just a tea/coffee. There are many options here from perfumes to plants, homely items to decorations.  There is something here for everyone.


Are located around the gardens but if you are in the center of the gardens give yourself about 5 minutes to get to the nearest restroom.

Just check your map.