Crime, especially organized crime, is a fairly serious problem in Agrigento. Though it has a rich history, the city has a very low per capita income in comparison to other cities in Italy. This has led to a strong local Mafia (Cosa Nostra) and widespread drug smuggling. Though the Mafia’s infiltration into politics and economics is deep, visitors are unlikely to suffer personally from this type of illegal behavior, as violent crime on the streets is not much of a problem. The bigger danger facing tourists is petty burglary, which is quite common. It is not a good idea for women to carry large handbags, as thieves have developed very clever ways of snatching purses.

Women, especially those traveling alone, should take extra caution and avoid being outside alone after dark. If you are walking through town by yourself (even in the daytime), be prepared for catcalls, leers and similar actions on the streets, which are very common throughout Italy, especially in the south. It is best to act reserved around unfamiliar men to avoid giving them the wrong idea; some actions that would be considered innocuous in other parts of Europe or North America are viewed as provocative in Sicily (and other parts of Italy) due to the more old-fashioned culture in this part of the world.