The area of Northern Italy is known for its serene climate; the summers in Brescia are warm but almost never too hot, and the region does certainly offer what can be called a full year of seasons, with rain in the late fall and again in the springtime.

Summer is certainly an ideal time to visit to take in the sights and activities in and around the city. The weather is mild but yet never particularly rainy or overly humid. Average highs in July and August during the day can be close to 70 degrees, but can get down to the low 50s at night, so if you’re visiting in the summer a warm jacket is still recommended. The summer and early fall also tend to be dry however, and this time of year offers plenty of days where you can soak in the Italian sun.

Winters can be cool, but seldom cold, and temperatures rarely fall below freezing during the day, but it isn’t uncommon for evenings in the 20s. Winters are generally fairly dry, and it isn’t until the late spring that the rainy season truly begins, so keep that in mind if you want to take in the numerous outdoor sights. You’re better off waiting a month for the truly beautiful weather.