Maratea is really a large sprawl made out of numerous 'frazioni' these are like separate hamlets.  To give you an idea of the size of the sprawl across the whole of Maratea there are 44 churches (NB some of these are very small indeed!).  The proper port of Maratea is very picturesque:

The harbour, Maratea 

 The old centre has some lovely cafes and you should not miss the three main churches (they are almost opposite each other).  Another attraction of Maratea is the statue of the Christ, overlooking the town itself.  The statue is a local oddity as it's only about 20 years old and althought it is supposed to be Christ, the face is that of the rich tycoon who decided to build it.

The Christ, or rather 'the Count'. 

 From the mount where the statue is located (by the way, the guy who commissioned is buried almost under it) you can enjoy amazing view of the surroundings.  The old Maratea village was located right up this mountain and was abandoned in the 19th century in favour of the new location down below. On the opposite side of the statue you can visit the Sanctuary of San Biagio, the local patron.

Also a short distance from Maratea are some amazing cave

  The caves

The coastline is also peppered with  watching towers (used to warn the population from Saracene invasions) and all in all this is a wonderfully unspoilt part of Italy.  Beware, however, that accommodation is in short supply and that hotel rates can be very high indeed.