Airport: Marco Polo in Tessera at 6 km (bus: Actv  n° 15 to train station, Atvo from Caorle-Eraclea to Piazza Barche - train station)

             Treviso at 25 km (a special bus of Ryanair will take you to the train station of mestre)

Train: Station Venezia Mestre (trains to and from Trieste, Udine, Belluno, Brennero, Milan, Turin, Florence, Bologna, Rome, Bari)

            Station Venezia Carpenedo (trains from Trieste)

            TO VENICE: almost every train who stops in mestre will lead you to venice, only the one from Trieste to Rome doesn't go on to venice. The urban ticket costs 1 €

Bus: Actv is the local forwarding agency. The base ticket is 1.20€, is valid for 1 hour in most mainland and to Venice - Piazzale Roma. Better value are 12hr, 24hr, 36hr, 48hr and 72hr tickets which can be used both on the buses and water buses so you can make as many journeys as you like.

The No 2 bus will take you to and from the Station in Mestre into Venice, but it does get crowded at times.

         Atvo is the agency for travelling around the province. You will recognize it for the color of the busses (blu). Ticket prices depend on the distance covered. Take it if you want to go to Jesolo, Caorle, Chioggia