For most international visitors to Montecatini Terme, the journey will begin with a flight into one of two cities: Pisa or Florence.

            Located in Pisa, the Galileo Galilei International Airport is around 45 km southwest from Montecatini Terme.  This airport is one of the two major airports in Tuscany (the other being in Florence), and receives many regularly scheduled daily flights from domestic and international locations.  There are shuttle buses that make regular runs from the airport to Montecatini, and several car rental agencies are in the area.  

            The best option  (but more expensive?) is to fly into the Aeroporto di Firenze, the International Airport of Florence .  This airport is smaller than the Pisa location, but it is closer to Montecatini.  Florence is 30km southeast of Montecatini, and regularly scheduled trains make this 45 minute connection. You have more choice of trains and buses from Florence. A taxi to Montecatini is about 60 euro; it is 20 euro to the train station.  There are also several rental car agencies in Florence. 

            Alternate methods for reaching Montecatini (if coming from within Italy or other European countries) include buses, trains, and driving a personal vehicle.

            For information about traveling by bus, visit this Tuscany Bus Information link.

            For information about getting to Montecatini by train, visit this Train Travel in Italy link.

            Driving is always a great option of travel, as it allows provides great freedom and flexibility.  Before deciding on this mode of transportation, check out this Driving in Italy link.