Montecatini Terme, Italy is a wonderful place in Tuscany to vacation and use as a base for lots of interesting Day Trips. It is also nice to spend a day in Montecatini and see the country side. They are famous for their worldwide Spas. Take the Funicular to Montecatini Alto and experience magnificent views. The dining at the top is also excellent.( but get a restaurant recommendation first if possible)

1. An interesting day trip to Lucca and Pisa is appealing to all. To get there you can rent a car or take the train or the bus. Lucca is an interesting walled city with lots of shopping and architectural treasures. Pisa has the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa which should not be missed if you are in Tuscany. Pistoia is an old  town not far away.

2. Rent a car and see the countryside and visit Siena, San Gimignano and Volterra.. All of these are fascinating medieval walled cities. Shopping is plentiful in all of these cities.  Vinci is a 30 minute drive away.

3. One of the most beautiful places you can drive to is Cinque Terre. It is a group of five cities on the water. A ferry or train takes you from one city to the other. In each city you have to walk up steep hills. The views from the top of the hills and the water are magnificent. This is at least 2 hours from Montecatini, a full day, but worthwhile. This area is extremely crowded with tourists all summer long, and even in spring and fall there are more visitors than inhabitants.

4. Take the train or the bus to Florence. It is only about an hour and experience classical Italy. Discover some of the renaissance treasures. Shopping is wonderful and dining is outstanding.

If you are interested in guided tours you can ask Come & See Italy.