A great cultural period is going to start in Paestum, the wonderful archeological area is going to become the set of seven very important events.

Lets start from the beginning! The project is called Antichità Spettacolari. It will start 29th June and go on till 2nd September with the schedule that follows.

29th June Roberto Bolle Classic Dancer Galà di stelle

28th June - 17th July Paestum Immagini Spettacolari

1st and 2nd July La Turandot

7th and 8th July Le Baccanti

17th July Bob Dylan in Concert

2nd September Classic Concert Omaggio a Mozart

The best place to stay to enjoy each event without any kind of problem is for sure Il Granaio dei Casabella, for several reasons. the first one: it was a silo, completely restored to welcome guests looking for relax and familiar chic mode; the second reason is that it is walking distance from the Temples, so people will not need car or shuttle to reach the Arena. Third reason is that they serve a really Italian food and have 14 rooms all antiques furnished.

To book your marvellous opera ticket or any of the dates visit www.ilgranaiodeicasabella.com and send them an email.

They will be happy to help you and if you arrive by train, they will pick you up at the station without charge.