Minimarkets have an extensive choice of food for people who need to to either top up their weekly shopping or are looking for a bargain. The best shops are located further up the hill; where you will find friendly and welcoming staff who are extremely helpful and overlook the fact tourists have limited ability to speak the Italian language. Fresh fruit and vegetables; bread delivered on the day, several types of pasta,  meats and cheeses are available and many have a greay array of good priced locally produced wines.

The best Minimarkets are situated towads the top of the one way system and it is worth the walk; remeber it may take longer to walk along the road but always more preferable to walking up the steps as they can sometimes lead you in the wrong direction. 

Favourite choice, quality, price and friendly service is Minimarket A. D Address:Via Pasitea, 352/ 354, 84017 Positano. Tel: 089 812 34 37. If you are driving to Positano from Naples you could stop to Supermercato Esse Cinque. They offerings include a variety of pastas, cheeses, deli, wines and nice local wine on tap at the everage price of 2.00 Euro per liter.

There is also a forum thread with more information and options: 

 The forum thread above was posted last year; yes many mini markets are found along the one way road and many are closer to your accommodation those tourists who want one close and not wish to walk far.

It is far better to go inside as many as you can at the start of you holiday/ vacation and once you find the best one, take the bus to save your time and energy. The bus prices vary depending where you buy your tickets, the cheapest is in the shops near the town centre, 5.20 euros for four tickets, excellent value. It will cost you a lot more on the bus, the choice is yours!