The best places to visit are in order:

1) Ravello- A must, there are some amazing view as it is very high up!
Whilst there, Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone are the places to see,
the views are amazing and although you have to pay to enter the place,
it is well worth! 

2) Amalfi- Another lovely place with a beautiful Duomo in the main
square, as well as some very good for shopping and ice cream!  Also a
walk from Amalfi to the town of Atrani via steps, walk up and down many
steps to reach Amalfi from Atrani, well worth doing and in burning those
extra calories from all that ice cream!

3) Pompeii- Spectular! A must with loads to see!

4) Sorrento- If you can bear to get the Sita bus which takes about and
hour and 15mins from Praiano, it worth a visit.  Very beautiful, lots
to see and also good for shopping.  We did learn that you can get a
ferry from Sorrento to Positiano which takes 30 mins.  Yo can also get a
ferry from Positaino to Naples but we could not due to rough seas. 

5) Positano - Another beautiful place with lots to see.  The downside
is that it gets very crowded so it was quite hard to do any of the
walks. But we are planning to go back next year.  The view of Positiano
from Praiano is breathtaking. 

Make sure you take a camera!