There are so many books and travel guides related to all of the cities in Italy that it’s hard to determine which books are the best. While there are very few books written specifically about Ravello, there are books that specifically talk about Campania – which is where Ravello is located. These books all contain information about the area of Ravello or the areas surrounding it.

The Food and Wine Guide to Naples and Campania,” by Carla Capalbo is a book that is dedicated to teaching readers about the best restaurants to visit in the area. Not only does it cover restaurants, but it also talks about some of the most delicious bakeries, markets and wineries here. It also contains some recipes for food dishes that may be tasted during a visit.

Italy – Eyewitness Travel Guides,” by DK Publishing is a very complete book and can come in quite handy for any tourist in Italy. It contains very detained maps and bus routes, and information about all of the various regions within the country, including Campania and Ravello. There are lots of color pictures and lists of the best places to visit and eat in each region. Travelers usually need advice on where to go and what to visit, and this book can provide that information.

 “ Discovering Ravello” -by Robert Walker, illustrated by Chris Apel. This booklet offers a brief history of Ravello and how the town has inspired many artists, musicians actors and writers. A partial version is online at