Ravello is a city that is most well known for its music. The beautiful gardens that exist here, the old and fantastic architecture, the deep traditions and cultural roots, and the romantic setting all combine into a setting that is perfect for both composing music and listening to it. In fact Wagner is one of the most famous composers who loved Ravello and was inspired by it.

Because of the role Ravello plays in the field of classical music, The Ravello Concert Society is one of the city's main attractions. The Society puts on many concerts from March through November each year. The settings for the concerts are usually outdoors in one of the many beautiful gardens that exist in Ravello.

Ravello's Music Festival is something that is well attended by not only tourists to the area, but also well known artists as well as celebrities. Because the settings for the concerts are so unique and the scenery is like no other place in the world, attending the festival is something that should not be missed.

The concerts are a combination of symphony and chamber music and they really make Ravello what it is today. Ravello is best known for its Concert Society and its Music Festival, and the music produced and played during the performances is a true representative of Ravello's historic culture.