What if you found out about a place where International Modern Artists hung out leaving their "ARTMARK" on an ancient Village? That this village was just an one hour and 20 minute train ride northeast from Rome's main train station, Roma Termini? That there was also a Filippo Lippi 15th century renaissance fresco painting in their duomo's ceiling too? Would you visit, would you stop by? Well, this special place exists in historical center Spoleto in Umbria, about a 35 minute train ride from Assisi.

In 1962 post WWII Italian Art Historian and Art Critic Giovanni Carandente created theSculptures in the City event. He invited 10 international Modern Artists to differently located steel mills across Italy to create their Iron Sculptures. The modern art pieces where then transported to Spoleto for the 5th Festival dei Due Mondi International Music Festival. The modern art pieces were displayed outdoors through the city for this magnificent event. Sculptures of six of these ten artists still remain outdoors… Beverly Pepper, Nino FranchinaAlexander CalderLynn Chadwick, Arnaldo Pomodora  and Pietro Consagra, while numerous works are in displayed in the Civica d'Arte Moderna, Spoleto’s Modern and Contemporary Art Museum. These outdoor art works can be found at:

Lynn Chadwick’s Strange III 1959 at Piazza del Duomo

Alexander Calder’s Teodelapio 1962 at Spoleto Train Station

Nino Franchina’s Spoleto1962 at Pizza del Commune

Pietro Consagra's Interview Spoletino 1962 at Civica d'Arte Moderna

Beverly Pepper’s The gift of Icarus 1962 at Piazzale Roma

Arnaldo Pomodora’s Column of the Traveler 1962 at Viale Trento and Trieste