After finding all Spoleto has to offer with Modern Art, let's move on to Spoleto's CONCEPTUAL ART / MINIMALISM ART. In the early to late 1980's numerous International Artists arrived again for an ART REVIVAL from the 1962 "Sculptures in the City" Event. This next group of artists were mostly friends running within the Conceptual Art movement. They started painting walls and creating sculptures here for Spoleto. They left their marks on cafe' walls, hotels walls, and as simple as a stone wall sculpture built out in a field. The Civica d'Arte Moderna in Spoleto houses additional of their lives works.

Café Collicola located at Piazza Collicola across from the Modern Art Museum, displays some of these well-known artists’ works. The bar owners were personal friends with Sol Lewitt . They can tell you stories of their friendship with Sol through the years but they only speak Italian. The calligraphy on the cafe' napkins and on the outdoor canvas canopy were all chosen by Sol as well as the layout of the painted ceramic tiles behind the bar. About 6 of Sol's ceramic plates are hanging up high in the side room.

Sol Lewitt lived here in Spoleto for about 10 years with his wife and two daughters. His art studio still remains behind large wooden doors on Via Brignone 18 in historical center. Interestingly enough, the apartment where your art escort lives is directly above Sol's studio. 

Robert Barry’s 

WALL PAINTING “untitled 1984” but painted in 1987 at Café Collicola, Piazza Collicola

Sol Lewitt’s 

STRINGS FROM A CORNER WALL DRAWING 699 1992 at Albornoz Palace Hotel, Viale G. Matteotti 16

CERAMIC PLATES with bar’s ceramic tiles along side of several FRAMED WORKS 1987 Café Collicola

STONES IN CEMENT WALL 1980 at Parco Viale G. Matteotti

BANDS OF COLOR 2000 and COMPLEX FORM 90 1991 at Civica d'Arte Moderna