By air:  The airports which are nearest to Spoleto are those located in Rome , which is approximately a two hour drive away.  There are two main airports in Rome , with the Fiumicino Airport being the one most frequently used by travelers.  The Leonardo Express runs regularly from Fiumicino to Roma Termini. From Roma Termini try to find a direct train to Spoleto. See for detailed information on those airports.  .

By car:  For information about driving from those airports to Spoleto, read the conversation posted at the Trip Advisor Spoleto forum on the topic.  In brief, travelers coming from the direction of Rome will take the SS3 highway which runs underneath the city.  It should be noted that parking in Spoleto may be difficult so visitors sometimes opt to use methods other than car rental to reach the area from the airport.

By train:   The most common method of arrival in Spoleto by travelers who are from (or staying in) other places throughout Europe is train arrival.   There is a station located in the city of Spoleto with trains traveling to it from various locations including Rome .     Detailed schedule and route information can be obtained through the Rail Europe website at the following page: .


By bus:   Travelers can get buses in Rome or Perugia which will take them to Spoleto.   See for information about schedules and routes.

  Local links:  To get from the station to your hotel for the first time, it's probably best to take a taxi.  If there are none at the rank, call one on 0743-2220489. Ask the drivers what the flat city price is as it should not be more than 12 to 15 euros to historical center. If arriving late at night and calling a taxi for that fair, it may be as much as 20 euros as happened last week. There are local buses from the station to most parts of the old city. Ask the dirver if he goes to Piazza Liberta or Piazza Carducci.  These have letters rather than numbers - the numbered buses go further afield.  Note that they are all circular routes so you may go the pretty way around.  You can find timetables at .  If you arrive by car, it's generally best to use one of the carparks under the town walls and take an escalator up to the old town.  You'll find a map (not Google!) that shows the carparks and escalators at .  (If you're not a computer expert, right click on the map, select copy image and paste it into Paint)