Travelers will rapidly find that the best method of getting around Spoleto is simply to walk.  The region is small enough that there are no difficulties for most people with getting from one area of the city to another on foot.  The weather ( tends to be conducive to being outside so most visitors find that walking is not only a great way of getting around but is also a terrific method of seeing all that there is to see and enhancing the experience with an up close and personal approach to the natural world in that region.

Travelers who opt not to walk everywhere are strongly advised to take taxis to get around.  Because the area is compact, taxi hire is not particularly expensive.  Drivers are generally friendly and able to quickly get visitors to where they want to go.

The reason that taxi hire is recommended about car rental is that, although it is relatively easy to get around the region by car, the city itself is crowded.  Driving in a crowded area has its hassles but the real problem is when it comes down to parking.  There are very few places for travelers to park in the city and this ends up making the experience more frustrating than enjoyable.  Travelers who do opt to rent cars usually do so in order to get to Spoleto from the airport in Rome and then end up leaving the car at their hotel parking lot and using walking to get around.

However, if you do find yourself needing a rental car for your travels , there are big multinationals like Hertz , Avis, Budget , etc.  You can also use a brokerage site, to help consolidate your search:


2. Decode car hire


4. Booking Car Rental

 The ancient and newer parts of the city are served by a number of local bus routes identified by letters.  (The buses with numbers cover a wider area).  Because of the maze of one-way streets, the buses follow circular routes in one direction only, so you may find yourself setting off in the opposite direction to your destination.  A bus timetable is at although it's better to treat this as a guide to "where" rather than "when".  Bus tickets are sold in tobacconists and at news stands - it's more expensive if you pay on the bus.