There is one museum in Spoleto which nearly every traveler who makes their way to the area takes the time to see.  That museum is the Casa Romana di Vespaja Polla, frequently called by its shortened name of Casa Romana by both locals and travelers, although the second part of the name is what describes its history.  This is a historic home which was built in the first century for the mother of then-Emperor Vespasian.  Literally translated, the museum is called the “Roman House of Vespaja Polla” (the name of the emperor’s mother).  Travelers go here to get a sense of the Roman history of the area as well as to see the beautiful architectural artwork of this museum.  See for additional details.

Another historic site which many visitors make the time to check out is one which is still in use today.  The Teatro Romano was also built in the first century, during those Roman times, but it has been rebuilt and renovated over time so that it can remain in use.  It is the venue for many of the performances of the famous Spoleto Festival (see for more information). Visitors also stop in just to see it as an attraction of the past.

To get a true sense of the past, though, travelers should explore the exhibits of the area’s archaeological museum.   Artifacts include ancient statues and primitive artwork.   See for more detailed information.