Anyone who is planning to visit Viareggio and the Tuscany region of Italy for the first time, or even the second or the third, may find it useful to do a bit of reading on the area before they go.  There are several good guide books available on the region, many covering different subjects, such as food or art, as well as many general guides.  For most visitors, especially first timers, a general guide book will be the thing that they'll want to look at.  One such guide book which is comprehensive and of good quality is Authentic Tuscany published by The Touring Club of Italy.  This book covers the entire region, including Viareggio, and provides historical information, suggestions of things to do, hotel listings, dining suggestions, attractions information, and transportation advice as well as beautiful photos.  The book is available at most book stores and at

Another popular guide book is Frommer's Italy 2006 This guide, put out by the famous travel publishers, contains all the information that travelers to the Viareggio region, and the rest of Italy, need to know.  It is also available at most book stores and at Amazon.