The culture of Porto Vecchio is highly interesting.  It combines the best of the Italian culture with the flavor of the French culture.  It is a town, and it has the small-town components which make up rural communities.  It is also a place which has been historically run by the same family, making it a community which is very family-oriented, close-knit and somewhat self-protecting.  Despite this, it is a location which thrives on tourism and therefore is somewhat open to the influences of the larger world.  With globalization increasing and tourism consistently bringing people from new areas of the globe to this small location, the character of the culture is changing.  And yet, it retains much of that Old World influence which is part of its draw for tourists in the first place.

The strongest influence on the culture is its Italian background, which is interesting since it is a French location.   The French culture is also strong here, but there is more of the Italian influence in this town than there is in any other French town.   More can be learned about the Italian culture at and ; more can be learned about the French culture at .