In terms of crime, Mont-St-Michel is one of the safety places in the world for tourists to visit.  There is virtually no violent crime in the area and other types of crime are also very low.  Risks of such common street crimes as pick pocketing and purse snatching are minimal and travelers who have had negative experiences with such problems in other locations will find the lack of concern in this area a relief.  Of course, travelers are always reminded to watch their belongings and to take common sense precautions to protect themselves from harm.

Rather than people, the biggest threats in the area come from nature.The tides of Mont-St-Michel are famous. They are beautiful to see, but they can also be dangerous. The city has a system set up to warn visitors about flooding in parking lots and roadways, but stubborn travelers sometimes find themselves caught in the storms. It is critical that visitors remain aware of the weather in the area at all times in order to protect themselves from harm. More information about Mont-St-Michel weather is available online at . Other natural safety concerns are generally related to common sense behavior. Precautions should be taken when swimming or hiking to prevent problems.