The brand new Bergen-Belsen memorial went up just weeks ago at the site of the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp.

This may be the most moving day of one's life. The research that went into putting together the memorial is extensive and quite impressive.

All you may know about the Bergen Belsen is the approximate number of people who died there. Visiting allows you the opportunity to read stories and watch videos of survivors. Putting names and faces with the horrors makes it real, and not just the staggering numbers you learn about in school.

It is a hard thing to do, but also something that every able-bodied adult should see in their life time. It is graphic, but not exploitative or voyeuristic. It is real and will change the way you see the world.

The grounds are quiet and serene. Don't expect a fanciful cemetery with thousands of grave markings like you might see in a veterans cemetery. The buildings have all been demolished, and the graves are enormous mounds of dirt spread over acres.

Out of respect for this hallowed place, dogs are not allowed.