Timmendorfer Strand is a seaside resort so the main attraction is of course its beaches, plenty of them with fine white sand .

First you will need to buy a "licence", which is like a day or half day ticket to use the beaches - some sort of a local tax. The beaches are all well signalled and are divided into sectors, each of them with a little hut at the entrance.

Once in the beach you can rent one of the little benches, which look like a mix between a basket and a two seat chair. The whole beaches are covered with them and are something that you may not have seen elsewhere.

Seats for rent

Besides the beaches there are several cafes with outside terraces where to sit down and have a nice drink while watching people walk up and down.

There are also several shops, although not quite interesting coming from London, but will do for a bit of shopping around.

There is also a nude beach (FKK) in the north side, very close of the Maritim ClubHotel. It's quite nice and separated to the normal beach by a wooden wall. The beach is covered by vegetation at the back and has a wall. The beach is also mostly clear of the aforementioned seats.

There are also several restaurants including one at the Maritim Hotel (not the ClubHotel) with a Michelin star.

Timmendorfer Strand is also 20 minutes away by train from Luebeck which will make an excellent day excursion with its medieval old town.

You can also visit the Ostsee-Therme - a swimming complex with very close to the ClubHotel which includes indoors and outdoors swimming pools, whirlpools, saunas and steam room. Kids in particular will love the pools. The sauna and steam room area is called Sauna-Paradies and no swimming gear is allowed, it includes: multiple saunas, steam room, indoor and outdoor whirlpools nude sunbathing terraces.