Kenmare - Neidin (the Little Nest)  

A beautiful small town nestling in the foothills below the Kerry and Beara Mountains.
It's original name was Nedeen- later Neidin (the Little Nest) and that's very apt as it's snug on the Kenmare Estuary nestling amongst the hills.
Kenmare was also the starting point of The Grand Atlantic Tour (now known as the Ring of Kerry) Kenmare has a long history back to an invasion by Vikings and a land-grab by Cromwell.

This was very popular when Kenmare was joined to other Cities in Ireland by Rail.Tourists often did the Grand Atlantic tour by Jarvey (horse drawn Cart). The Ring of Kerry is very popular with Ramblers and Cyclists and there's an annual Cycle tour locally in support of Charities.
Most of the older houses are built of Limestone.The town is set in a limestone niche and the area around is of red sandstone.
These have now been colour-washed and this makes Kenmare a very colourful and attractive town.
Many Artists and other creative people live in Kenmare and the surrounding area and it's becoming quite famous as a creative centre.
It's also a centre for healing therapies.
Kenmare has excellent bars,pubs and restaurants and a number of fine Hotels ,Guest Houses and Bed and Breakfasts..
If you're visiting Kenmare or if your relatives came from here you'll find lots of information and historical details to interest you.There's great traditional music in Hotels and pubs throughout the Town in the Spring and Summer Seasons.

There are helpful placards in each street with historical details. An excellent Map of Kenmare is available FREE from the Tourist Office - it's provided by the Chamber of Commerce
Kenmare has a Monument to the Battle of Bunker Hill.
In Kenmare we have lovely Hotels, Guesthouses and Bed and Breakfasts to stay at.
the August 15th Horse Fair is extremely popular and very hard to get accomodation anywhere near Kenmare as 50,000 visitors come to town that weekend.

Restaurants often offer the local specialities of Salmon or Irish Beef.

There's a daily bus service to and from Killarney and a weekly service to Sneem

We have several Taxi Companies that will also arrange day trips and tours.

Kenmare is 23 Miles from Killarney

Driving times to Kenmare

                             Killarney 40 to 60 minutes

                             Kerry International Airport (the cutest airport in Ireland) 1 Hour

                             Shannon Airport   2 and 1/2 to 5 hours (depending on if you meet a tractor ...)

                             Dublin Airport 6 to 8 hours depending on traffic ( there's a pay bypass that slows you down)

                             Cork Airport 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours - it's a bendy road !

                             Rosslare Ferry Port   6 Hours

                              Galway    3 and 1/2 hours plus

                              Limerick 2 1/2 Hours

                             Dingle 2 and 1/2 hours

                             You may get a pleasant surprise and get there quicker - or get trapped behind the Kerry Company Car

                              ( a 1957 Massey Ferguson Tractor !)

                               You'll Love it ... please reset your watch to 1957 (not hours - years !)

                               Despite another claim here - Kenmare is NOT a part of the Gaeltacht - although you can hear Gaelic

                               (or Irish as it's known here) spoken widely.