Now abandoned it is actually had to imagine, but the Great Blasket was once the home to almost 200 people who lived in stone houses along the slopes that faced the Irish mainland. This island is access by ferry from the Dunguin pier, and ferries leave every half hour from 10am.

After a short ride you can take in this very unusual site, which even decades ago must have seemed like something straight out of the Middle Ages. With almost no wood the main source of power was the burning of turf and shrubs from the hills, and the island is almost completely without a source of food.

Likely settled by monks as far back as the 5th century the area was the staging ground for Viking raiding parties in the 9th and 10th centuries. Later settlers like came over from the Irish mainland, and for centuries the island was almost forgotten to time.

The locals, who lived on the island well into the 19 th century spoke a form of old Gaelic that had not been heard for centuries. The island was abandoned in the 1950s and its inhabitants have long since gone. But today it offers a look back in time.