During the "season" June -September, there is typically traditional music nightly in several pubs in town. Lowry's is best known for it's sessions where any musicians or singers can join in. They have a few very good regulars including Peter Carey, Liam Aspell, and Richie Newman. If you see these guys definitely stop by. E.J. Kings several doors down has regular performers, the Two Toms and Glor. The Two Toms feature Tom Mullen an All-Ireland banjo player who also sings and plays the guitar. They are frequently joined by a fiddler. Glor has Michael Carey (the son of Peter Carey) as the lead singer. Around the corner is Guy's, they tend ton have earlier sessions, around 6:30 or 7:00, and feature decent pub food, so you can enjoy the music and eat dinner. Micky Martin plays there as well as at J.C Conneelys. Micky is an accomplished vocalist and plays the harp, guitar, and mandolin. Mannion's several doors down from Lowry's (in the opposite direction from E.J. Kings) also has traditional music featuring some of the same singers as the other pubs.Micky McNamara is often there. He tells great stories, sings, and plays the spoons. He is usually accompanied by othe musicians. Most of the sessions start at "10ish", and last until 12-12:30. Don't go early and expect to have music. A few may start as early as 9:00, an on Sunday's there are occasionally 5:00 sessions. Mullarkeys is another music location that has a variety of entertainment in a fun environment. Check the signs out and see what type of music is playing. It ranging from traditional to country and western. The best strategy is to pick 2-3 pubs out and spend 45 minutes or so at each, unless you really love the session, than just stay there. The Garda (police) are really cracking down on drinking and driving, so unless you are in walking distance from downtown, have a designated driver, or get a cab. More than a 2 pints over 2 1/2 hours for a man and less for a woman may put you over the limit for Ireland. During the off season, only Lowrys and E.J. Kings have consistent music. E.J.'s on the weekend and Lowrys 3-5 evenings a week. All in all, a great town to have a pint and listen to some great traditional Irish music. There are other venues in town that have excellent music, just walk in and check them out.