Baltimore is a great location for diving both wrecks and scenic sites.  As a seafaring nation, and on the route from / to America & Europe there are many vessels that suffered as a result of bad weather or mechanical problems.  For instance the biggest diveable wreck in the world "Kowloon Bridge" at 300 mtrs long and lying between 17 and 36 mtrs of depth provides a location that you could dive numerous times and still not see it all.   It sank in November 1986 but is nicely covered in marine life except for the iron ore pellets which have a very slight covering of silt.  The other popular wreck is that of the German submarine U260 in 38 to 42 mtrs approx suitable for the deeper / more qualified divers.  Although dating back to the end of the 2nd World War it is still in relatively good condition including the open hatch and conning tower with periscope and df aerial.  With good viz you can see the whole length of the  wreck on your descend but be mindful of the strong tides (only dive it at slack).

Other dive sites are the wrecks including Alondra, Illyrian, Nestorian, Hourtien, Mystique, Dido, Asian, Crescent City, Mignonette, Minnihaha, Miami, Malmanger, Ludgate, Hazelside and scenic diving everywhere with gullies, walls, drop-offs and well worthwhile the Fasnet Lighthouse, Kedges, Stags and islands in Roaringwater Bay or further offshore rocks and pinnacles.

An excellent dive centre in the village is Aquaventures with on-site Stone House B&B, who provide hardboat full day trips as well as rhib half day tours.  The hardboat has a huge deck, two long benches where 12 divers can kit up simultaneously and a divers' hydraulic lift for easy exit from the water at the end of your dive. They have a well stocked shop, rental, of dive gear, service of equipment and cylinder testing as well as providing guided snorkelling and coastal tours to look for basking sharks (end May, early June), fin whales & humpbacks (late October and November) or minke whales & dolphins, seals & marine bird-life year-round.  In the summer months you might see sunfish (Mola Mola) and the rarer leatherback turtle.

Baltimore Diving also offers classes, dives, boat charters, whale watching, etc.

Baltimore is a small village with a good range of accommodation (hostel, B&Bs, guesthouses, hotels & variety of self-catering houses, cottages & apartments) as well as several bars, restaurants, village shop and art & craft gift-shop.  They have a festival every month between April and September including food, boat-building, music, heritage, walking to name but a few. For non-divers there's sailing, kayaking, angling, sandy beaches, walking, boating, island trips or just enjoying the beautiful land and seascape and a walk up to the Beacon is highly recommended.  The nearby market town of Skibbereen has everything from supermarkets, garages (no petrol station in Baltimore), gift shops, shoes, clothing, post office, heritage museum and art centre.  There's a country market on Fridays and a farmers market on Saturdays.

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