Serious Fun is the place to go if you want the best rafting experience. They have rafting suitable for everyone, families and adrenaline seekers!

Serious Fun run their rafting on the famous kayaking- and rafting river Numedalslågen in Dagali.

Tha family rafting is suitable for young children age 8-12 and is fun, calm rafting trip with lots of splashing!

The normal rafting is a more action filled rafting recommended for everyone above 12 years old, experience exciting rapids and surfing!

The extreme rafting trip is suitable for those who love action and adrenaline, great, exciting rapids are waiting for you!

The guides at Serious Fun are very experienced, some of them with over 20 years experience of rafting!

The price starts at nok 350,- per person up to nok 750 per person. This includes all necessary equipment like wet suit, wet shoes, life jacket and helmet.