The Tio Pepe Winery is located at Calle Manuel Maria Gonzalez, 12. It belongs to the Bodegas Gonzalez Byass. Manuel Maria Gonzalez found the winery in 1835 with his London agent, Robert Blake Byass. Today this is one of the largest wineries in Jerez and one can take a tour for 10 euros. There is a little train that takes people around the winery, since it is very large.

The first stop is a round building whose architect was Gustav Eiffel. Here there are many large barrels of wine, and on each barrel is the coat of arms of the country where Tio Pepe is exported. There are around 120 barrels and this is a place to take photos. There is another building where there is an explanation of how sherry is made. What is interesting is that even during the time of the Moors, wine was made for medicinal uses by the Moors. It seems that there are many interpretations of the Koran about the prohibition of alcohol. The Arabs in Jerez did not agree with other Arabs about this. They were more flexible and they exported large quantities of wine to other European countries.

In another building there are small mice going up small steps to a glass of sherry and they take a sip of this wine. In another building there are big wine barrels that were signed by the Spanish royalty, artists like Picasso, and the rich and famous of the world. The tour ends in a banquet hall with many small tables. The room is gaily decorated with lights and it has an Andalusian motif. Two different types of sherry are served, one a very dry sherry, and the other a sweet sherry. The wine tour gives one a good education in the production of sherry.

The winery is beautifully prepared for visitors. Everywhere one goes, there are red geraniums in pots all over the place. They are on the floor and on the walls. The flowers call attention and everything looks perfect.