The city state of Lindos, which also governed much of it's neighbouring area, reached it's peak in 6th century BC. At this time, under the reign of Kleoboulos 'The Wise' life was very much improved and Lindos became a wealthy and succesful town. The tomb of Kleoboulos (more of a tribute, he's not actually buried there) stands at the Northern tip of Lindos bay just past the remains of a disused windmill. The tomb itself isn't particularly impressive but the rewards of this hike are the fantastic views across the bay towards the village and Acropolis.

Starting from the Main Square walk uphill slightly and take the first turning on your right, the road that leads to the main beach. A little after the road takes a sharp turn to the right you'll see a sign on your left marked 'Ancient Monument', head down this track until you come to a more modern monument (of Yannis Zigdis).

What was a path now becomes very stoney and uneven, follow this route until you reach the disused windmill, looking out for the little stacks of stones that mark the easiest way. The path from here up to the tomb is very uneven so again look out for the stacks of stones to guide you on the way up.

Obviously the timing and ease of the walk will depend on your individual fitness but as a rough guide, two hours allows plenty of time to get there and back, including stops to take pictures and admire the views. As much of the route is uneven and rough underfoot make sure you're wearing sensible shoes and of course there's no shops out here so you'll need to take a bottle of water.