Trips/Tours from holiday companies can be arranged through your hotel or by yourself at a lot less cost. Check local tourist sites online beforehand - it could save you a lot of money. Taxis are cheap - use to your advantage. Cost increases at peak season and after 8pm, but they are frequent, reliable & reasonable. Except in Puerto Mogan - a bus ride is best from here! Buses are much the same as taxis, just check timetables at your hotel or at bus stops. Many places can be reached on foot and are a 20 min stroll. Scenery is beautiful, so transport is not always necessary!  Discount vouchers can be downloaded online and taken with you for Aqualand, Palmitos Park (currently closed since the fires on the islands and due for reopening late 2008) & other attractions. Visit the Yumbo Centre in Ingles & the Faro Centre in Maspalomas for excellent Duty Free! Take the promenade to Melonares for superb dinig experiences.