Puerto Morelos: What to Bring?

Maps of Puerto Morelos - available on vivapuertomorelos.com

Personal insect repellant with Deet

Fanny Pack

 Waterproof wallet carrier w/neck cord

Sunscreen (Eco-safe) 45, 30, 15 spf

Lip balm (high spf)

Nose zinc- if you must

Small child back pack - one no one would want to steal

Can Cooshies - keep your drink cold

A hat, cap or visor 

Zip lock bags in various sizes - wet bathing suits, lotions, etc

Immodium AD and Dramamine

Little float for the pool or beach

Underwater Camera

Handful of $1 bills - for tippingoor gee gosh use the local currency

Collapsible cooler - keeps water cold

At least one dressier outfit for dinner/night clubs

Extra empty duffle bag to pack the goodies you buy


Trail mix


Shorts & light shirt/blous, peferrably cotton

Flip flops

Calculator - figure conversion

Travel Umbrella, or Disposable Poncho

Passport & or Travel Documents


Expandable folder for important documents

Prescription Meds, copy of prescriptions

Baby powder - to remove sand & lotion

Photocopy of ID's & Credit Card information

And a smile for everyone.

A small bottle of Woolite to rinse swimwear after use, to keep them smelling like chlorine.

A plug in airfreshener/nightlight.


small translation book



dice/cards, these will come in handy if you are ever stuck in the airport.

Nail Clippers (guys who forget to do them)